Social Media and Modern Policing

Dr. Muhammad Imran Khan SSP

Social Media has a substantial and undeniable impact on mode of Policing.

1: Tendency of personal glorification instead of image building of Police as an organisation. It has counter-productive impact on image building of the organisation when routine duties & responsibilities and superficial & cosmetic measures are highlighted for personal projection.

2: Trend of more focus on perception building through social media instead of actual professional work and service delivery.

3. Demoralisation among the force because of undue pressure of and importance to many a times blackmailing SM components.

Way Forward:
1: Use of social media as an important tool for image building of the organisation by dedicated and trained teams through official accounts by sharing important achievements, initiatives, instead of personal projection and relying only on routine duties & cosmetic measures.

2: Perception building is important, but actual emphasis should be on actual professional work and service delivery.

3: Any adverse material against police on social media should be timely and properly handled & responded by official teams; veracity of the content ascertained and action taken accordingly.