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CGR is a forum for studies and debate on strategic and tactical issues related with good governance and the rule of law. It is a non-governmental civil society advocacy centre dedicated to reforms in the justice and governance sectors.

As an independent think tank, CGR sets its own agenda, publishing and disseminating its findings regularly for national and global audiences. Using an interdisciplinary approach, CGR brings together rule of law, justice and governance experts, researchers, and internationally renowned professionals to animate its debate and research activities.


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Pakistan’s Monthly Extremism Watch

Organized Crime Review


Military courts opposed

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Turk has condemned Pakistan’s plans to prosecute civilians involved in May 9 protests under the Army Act. “Pakistan’s plans to revive the use of military courts to try civilians is disturbing,”…

Banning PTI

“The idea would be unthinkable in any self-respecting democracy, yet here we are again. The government is considering banning the PTI over the events of May 9 and 10...Clearly, this is a season for bad ideas, and the government appears to…

Moment of Reflection

“Let no one celebrate the quitting of politics by Shireen Mazari and the splintering of PTI. It’s a moment of sombre reflection, not rejoicing”. Former senator Farhatullah Babar