About CGR:

CGR is a forum for studies and debate on strategic and tactical issues related with good governance and the rule of law. It is a non-governmental civil society advocacy centre dedicated to reforms in the justice and governance sectors.

As an independent think tank, CGR sets its own agenda, publishing and disseminating its findings regularly for national and global audiences. Using an interdisciplinary approach, CGR brings together rule of law, justice and governance experts, researchers, and internationally renowned professionals to animate its debate and research activities.


Director's Messages

New Year Message

I hope the new year of 2022 brings pour lives. vvvLet rule of law prevail in Pakistan. Both society and state may…


Pakistan’s Monthly Extremism Watch

Organized Crime Review


Fascism and wealthy backers

There are two kinds of Fascists: those who give orders and those who take them. A popular base gives Fascism the legs it needs to march, the lungs it uses to proclaim, and the muscle it relies on to menace - but that’s Fascism from the neck…

Fair Elections

The fairness of an election is more important than who wins. Concerns arise only when leaders try to augment their power through means that could cause permanent damage to democratic institutions. Madeline Albright in Fascism: A Warning…