Impact of Social Media on Mode of Policing

Azad Khan: Additional IG Police

Social media are now indispensable tools in police work for intelligence gathering, surveillance, investigations, and Community outreach and information. SM provides information that can assist investigations both prospectively and retrospectively. Social media can help the justice system find evidence about the planning, commission, or consequences of a crime, aid in identifying suspects, victims, or witnesses, and reveal the motive for the crime, allowing police to gather evidence and information about criminal networks. It could be used as an effective public outreach and information platform.

Three areas of Concern in Use of SM in Policing.

i. Absence of any legislative framework specific to the use of social media by the police.
ii. Personal Use of social media by employees.
iii. Challenges of the presence of cross-jurisdictional users and discrepancies between laws in different jurisdictions.


i. Developing an overall social media strategy for law enforcement.
ii. Devising Rules, SOPs, and guidelines for SM use by police officials.
iii. Training and education regarding the effective and responsible use of SM.