Legitimate transfer of power

Thomas Friedman, in his latest piece in NYT on his lunch with Biden, wrote these ominous words: “I fear that we’re going to break something very valuable very soon. And once we break it, it will be gone – and we may never be able to get it back.

I am talking about our ability to transfer power peacefully and legitimately, an ability we have demonstrated since our founding. The peaceful, legitimate transfer of power is the keystone of American democracy. Break it, and none of our institutions will work for long, and we will be thrust into political and financial chaos.”

We too in Pakistan seem to be staring into such abyss right now.

We need a peaceful and legitimate transfer of power through fair and free electoral process. Otherwise a political and financial chaos may cause irreparable harm to the fledgling democratic sapling. God forbid.

Tariq Khosa
Director CGR
24 May 2022.