Terrorism Threat

By Tariq Parvez

1. Afghan Taliban will always support TTP, overtly or covertly.
2. As per a recent UN report AQ is playing a more active role in helping TTP. That is a very serious development. AQ’s experience, expertise and financial resources at the disposal of TTP shall enhance TTP’s capability manifold, exponentially increasing the threat to Pakistan security.
3. The fragmentation of the Pakistani response, shall play into the hands of TTP. With the mily, Fed govt and Provl govts working at cross purposes, our response can be self defeating.
4. Our response should be tridimensional ie regiona( keep Afgh, Iran etc engaged), kinetic ( improving capacity of the police in KP generally and ex FATA areas specifically), and non kinetic ( focus on socio economic, political and ideological dimensions. Win over the hearts and minds of the people, so that the narrative of TTP does not resonate with the youth, women etc).
5. Have some sort of modus vivendi between the local mily formations, provincial govt and the Federal govt to deal with the common threat of terrorism, instead of indulging in mutual recriminations and point scoring.