GI-TOC appoints Tariq Khosa to its global board

The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime (GI-TOC) is pleased to announce the appointment of a new member to its global board in Geneva.

Tariq Khosa has been nominated independently by the organization’s Network of Experts.
Based on the statutes of the GI-TOC, the Network of Experts has the authority to appoint members of the board, including its own members to serve as representatives of the Network of Experts. Over the past number of months, the GI-TOC has been engaged in a process to appoint one additional Network representative to the board. This new appointment is a reflection of the growth in the size of the Network close to 700 members.

In the process of appointing the new board member, the GI-TOC Network of Experts recommended three candidates to be considered by the secretariat. As an outcome of this selection process, it is our pleasure to welcome Tariq Khosa to the board. Part of his mandate will be to represent the Global Initiative Network at board level.

Tariq Khosa has been actively involved in the law enforcement sphere since 1973. Over four decades, he served in supervisory and command positions of Pakistan’s police service and has been engaged in structural and operational reforms in the policing and justice sectors. He is currently the director of the National Initiative against Organized Crime, Pakistan, and a member of the Committee of Experts for the National Counter Terrorism Authority.

In his previous roles, Khosa served as director general of the Federal Investigation Agency in 2009. As head of the National Central Bureau with INTERPOL he was appointed delegate for Asia in the executive committee and contributed to international police cooperation. Prior to this, Khosa held several positions within the Pakistan government and was director of the General National Police Bureau in 2008, which allowed him to work actively on various police reform initiatives at national level.

Given his long-standing expertise in the field of counterterrorism, anti-corruption and drug-policy regulation, Khosa’s contribution to the work of the GI-TOC will not only assist the organisation in its strategies towards combating these forms of organized crime, but will also aid in developing an appropriate threat assessment and policy implementation for the Asia region.

On accepting his appointment, Khosa said:

‘It will be an honour to serve on the board of the Global Initiative. I look forward to making a meaningful contribution in identifying the challenges posed by transnational organized crime and the evolving innovative strategies in dealing with the emerging threats. I will also work towards greater collaboration among the growing GI Network of Experts, whose rich experience and professional expertise make it a truly effective and credible civil society organization.’

Sarah Cliffe, Chair of the GI-TOC global board, said:

“We are delighted to announce the appointment of our newest Board member, Tariq Khosa. With an illustrious background in law enforcement, Tariq brings a wealth of experience, strategic insight and a fresh perspective to our global Board. Tariq has also been a member of our Network of Experts for many years and his commitment to the work of GI-TOC has made him an ideal candidate for this position.
Please join us in welcoming Tariq as we embark on this exciting new chapter together.”

Mark Shaw, Director of the GI-TOC, said:

‘Tariq Khosa is an excellent addition to the Board. His vast experience in law-enforcement, his integrity and unique perspectives will enrich our strategic discussions and drive innovation in our work, both regionally and globally.’