Advisory for Parents and children during Corona Emergency

In view of  the latest outbreak of Corona Virus, students are currently on their holidays and are likely to spend much of their time on internet surfing.

Possible Risks
Cyber Crime Wing, FIA wants you to be aware of the risks of cyber crime which  children and youngsters are prone to while they are on the internet.
Beware that a few male/ female criminals mask  themselves as someone who they are not and then lure youngsters/ children into their trap by making friends with them on social media channels. In doing so they trap children/youngsters into doing objectionable activities which may be filmed and used for pornography against consent.
Such criminals may also convince children/youngsters for sharing their extremely private, often nude, pictures with them which they later use to blackmail them with the threat of sharing the same with their family members or the friends.

Preventive Measures
Following guidelines can save you from the burnt of agony that being blackmailed ensues:

1. Never share personal information/ private pics / videos with any one on social media.

2. Never accept “friend request” from any stranger

3. Youngsters should be allowed to use internet only under supervision and in a shared space

4. Never stay silent if you have become victim to a cyber Crime of any sort including blackmailing, Harrasment or bullying.

If you become victim to cybercrime
Plz feel free to call on the helpline(9911) of Cybercrime  Wing, FIA or link to the following:

*Stay Cyber-wise
Stay Cyber-safe*