Social Media and Policing

Ghalib Bandesha Former DG FIA

Undoubtedly SM ( Social Media) has made the policing pitch very fast in terms of response, fair/ timely investigations, evidence collection, and recording of statements of witnesses, etc.

Similarly, the challenge of handing whistleblowers within the department who will highlight prevailing ills, one can predict is in the offing, requires intelligent handling by managers.

A rapid, neutral and timely response will be warranted in dealing with personnel’s welfare issues.

Intensive Care & caution is required by investigators in reaching the correct conclusions as to root cause / establishing means rea as there is every likelihood of swaying away from the right and just by the video clips recorded during & after the event.

There is a need to identify fake makers of video clips by photoshop/editing etc as done by police to identify touts / professional fake witnesses and prosecute them so that this dirty business of seeking/getting of desired results by fabrication of false digital evidence could be curbed effectively.