The 16th Advisory Board Meeting of NIOC was held virtually on Friday 05 Feb 2021 at 3 pm. The following participated: Tariq Parvez, Zahid Hussain, Samina Ahmed, Jawaid Akhtar, Tariq Khosa, Ali Nekokara, Hassan Sardar, Ammar Jaffri and Saroop Ijaz.

Director Khosa informed about the BHC-awarded CE Study progress. Draft-1 was sent to BHC on 01 Feb 2021. Draft-2 would be finalised after receipt of feedback from the BHC Project Team.

Draft National Strategy against Organized Crime was briefly discussed and it was decided that it will be finalised in March 2021 after completion of the CE Study. NIOC should focus on one major task at a time.

NIOC is issuing a Monthly Review of Organized Crime during 2021. Amir Rana, Secretary NIOC is undertaking this important initiative after issuing 36 weekly OC Reviews during 2020.

It was decided that NIOC will hold a monthly webinar on OC as part of a community outreach plan. Consultant Ammar Jaffri is spearheading this initiative. Next webinar on CVE Strategy would be held on Friday 12 Feb at 11 am.

NIOC issued its Annual Report for 2020 which was appreciated by GI Resilience Fund. Manager Operations Hassan Sardar carried out the task.

Virtual Meeting with UK CE Commissioner Sara Khan would be held on 08 March 2021 to discuss Gaps in CE laws of UK and Pakistan. AB Member Jawaid Akhtar has facilitated this interaction for exchange of professional views.