The 17th NIOC AB Meeting was held virtually on Friday 05 March 2021 at 3 pm. The following attended: Tariq Parvez: President AB; Zahid Hussain, Samina Ahmed, Zubair Habib and Jawaid Akhtar: Members AB. Tariq Khosa, Director, Ejaz Hussain, Deputy Director, Kashif Noon, Lead Researcher, Ali Nekokara, Governance Expert, Ammar Jaffri, Community Outreach Expert, Saroop Ijaz, Legal Expert and Hassan Sardar, Manager Operations.

Director NIOC gave an overview and progress of BHC-funded Study on Countering Extremism. It had been finalised by the NIOC Team headed by Mr. Tariq Parvez within four months and was ready to be submitted to BHC Islamabad.

The next project to be completed by NIOC was to come up with a National Strategy against Organized Crime in Pakistan. This would be completed in April 2021.

Kashif Noon was working on a case study of nexus between politics and OC. He was asked to complete it as soon as possible in a fictionalised format.

Secretary NIOC Amir Rana was to submit Monthly OC Review for Feb 2021.

A series of Virtual Group Discussions were to be organized by NIOC. This would be initiated from April onward.

Director asked the AB to consider a topic related to OC for a Study to be carried out during the second half of 2021. One area to consider could be CVE.