The 23rd Advisory Board Meeting of NIOC was held on Friday 3 September 2021. The following participated: Tariq Parvez, Samina Ahmed, Zubair Habib, Jawaid Akhtar, Tariq Khosa, Ejaz Hussain, Kashif Noon, Ali Nekokara, Saroop Ijaz, Vaqas Ali, Ammar Jaffri and Hassan Sardar.

Director NIOC presented the progress of Study on Serious and Organized Crimes during July-August 2021. A consolidated report in this regard was shared.

SOC Study work plan for September 2021 was discussed. Following are required to be accomplished: 1) Stakeholders’ Roundtable to be organised by Ejaz Hussain and Ammar Jaffri. 2) Kahif Noon to meet head of IOM along with Director FIA. 3) Ammar Jaffri has to come up with a National Cyber Security Policy Brief. 4) Saroop Ijaz will finalise five case studies.

Director Khosa informed the board about his interaction with Syed Babar Ali who assured of an engagement strategy with LUMS. Ejaz Hussain, Ali Nekokara and Vaqas Ali will follow up on this initiative.

Call for research papers on five OC categories was made. Papers will be approved by a sub-committee of Samina Ahmed, Manzoor Ahmed, Vaqas Ali and Ejaz Hussain.

Mr. Tariq Parvez asked Director NIOC to get some GI TOC researcher associated with SOC study. Director informed that contact has been made with the OC Branch of UNODC in Vienna for further collaboration. GI TOC will also be requested accordingly.

A suggestion was made to link up with the State Bank of Pakistan. Effort will be made to interview DG FMU.

Director NIOC sought the advice of AB on undertaking a new Initiative on Criminal Justice System Reform under the strategic advice of former CJP Asif Saeed Khosa. The proposal was enthusiastically supported by all the AB Members and the consultants. Ejaz Hussain, Ali Nekokara and Vaqas Ali were requested to prepare a Concept Note for approval in October 2021.