The 24th AB Meeting of NIOC was held on Monday, 4 October 2021 at 2 pm. The following members of the Advisory Board participated: Tariq Parvez, Zahid Hussain, Samina Ahmed, Jawaid Akhtar and Manzoor Ahmad. Zubair Habib, being unwell, could not attend.

The following represented NIOC directorate: Tariq Khosa, Ejaz Hussain, Kashif Noon, Ali Nekokara, Saroop Ijaz, Vaqas Ali, Ammar Jaffri and Hassan Sardar.

Serious and Organized Crime Study progress was reviewed and October workplan was finalised. It was agreed that the following members of SOC Study will present draft of the Threat Assessment and write-up, not more than ten pages between 15-20 October:

1) Ejaz Hussain: Drug Trafficking; Illicit Weapons

2) Kashif Noon: Migrant Smuggling and Human Trafficking

3) Vaqas Ali: Illicit Financial Flows: Money Laundering

4) Ammar Jaffri: Cyber Crime, including online child abuse

5) Saroop Ijaz: Case studies related with all 5 categories of OC

Director Khosa informed that CGR-NIOC had submitted a proposal for MLA Processes to the British High Commission. Decision will be made around mid-October.

A Trafficking in Persons Project Notice was circulated by US Consulate Karachi. Both Kashif Noon and Vaqas Ali will examine the features of the project and convey their recommendations for CGR-NIOC to bid for the project by 15 October.

Criminal Justice Reforms Initiative (CJRI) is to be launched by CGR-NIOC in 2022. Ejaz Hussain, Saroop Ijaz and Ali Nekokara were requested to prepare salient points for the proposed initiative.

For UNTOC Review, a civil society organization coalition is to be built to support FIA in the review process. Saroop Ijaz was reminded to put up a list of CSOs/NGOs dealing with transnational organized crime, whose details will then be shared with ADG FIA Ehsan Sadiq, Focal Point for UNTOC Review.