The 29th Advisory Board Meeting of NIOC was held virtually on Monday 28 March at 2 pm. The following AB Members participated: Tariq Parvez, Samina Ahmed, and Jawaid Akhtar. Zahid Hussain and Zubair Habib could not attend due to other pressing commitments.

The following represented NIOC Directorate: Tariq Khosa, Ejaz Hussain, Sarmad Saeed, Kashif Noon, Azam Khan, Nawaz Nadeem and Hassan Sardar. Saroop Ijaz, Ali Nekokara, Ammar Jaffri and Vaqas Ali could not attend due to other commitments.

The following agenda items were discussed:

1) CGR-NIOC completed the Crisis Management Study during February-March 2022.
2) Pakistan UNTOC Review is under way. NIOC is supporting National Focal Person Dr Ehsan Sadiq in this process. NIOC will write an independent paper on the implementation of the review process and engage with CSOs, Experts and Lawyers. It was also proposed that Saroop Ijaz and Azam Khan will be the lead writers while Sarmad Saeed and Kashif Noon will assist them in writing the report as per Concept Note by CGR-NIOC on UNTOC Review Support to the GOP.
3) UNODC held a brainstorming roundtable on terrorism prevention programming. NIOC was represented by Tariq Khosa. A follow-up dinner meeting was held with Jeremy Milsom, UNODC Country Representative in which further avenues of collaboration in the areas of terrorism prevention and cybercrime were deliberated. UNODC Country Programme 2021-25 contains seven strands and NIOC is uniquely well-placed to assist the UN in achieving certain programme objectives. However, this matter is work in progress.
4) NIOC welcomes Sarmad Saeed as the Coordinator for various projects and programme of activities being undertaken by CGR-NIOC.