The 35th Advisory Board Meeting of NIOC was held on Thursday 29 September 2022. The following board members participated: Tariq Parvez, Samina Ahmed, Zubair Habib and Jawaid Akhtar. Zahid Hussain could not attend due to his prior commitments. NIOC directorate was represented by the following: Tariq Khosa, Sarmad Saeed, Kaleem Imam, Saroop Ijaz, Kashif Noon, Ammar Jaffri, Nawaz Nadeem and Hassan Sardar.

The following matters came under discussion:
1) After the successful launch of the UNTOC Review Pilot Initiative on 15 September 2022, CGR-NIOC will come up with two Issue Papers on Organized Crime Challenges and Human Rights.
2) OC and Human Rights team will be led by Saroop Ijaz, under overall coordination by Deputy Director NIOC Sarmad Saeed.
3) OC Challenges team will be led by Kaleem Imam under the overall supervision of Tariq Parvez, President of NIOC Advisory Board.
4) Tariq Parvez suggested that NIOC should develop an Archive on Organized Crime material. The proposal was endorsed by other board members. Sarmad Saeed and Hassan Sardar will develop the OC Archive.
5) Dr Samina Ahmed referred to ICG monthly Crisis Watch. GITOC also issues a monthly OC bulletin. NIOC is issuing a monthly OC Digest. However, effort will be made to come up with a monthly OC Watch, as was done during 2020-21. For that the services of an intern or research associate would be required. Sarmad Saeed and Kaleem Imam will look for a qualified researcher.
6) President NIOC AB Tariq Parvez will attend a conference in Geneva in October on the Afghan illicit economy. Sarmad Saeed and Kaleem Imam will assist him in getting hold of relevant material for the international conference.
7) Policy Brief on Police Reforms will be put up soon by Kaleem Imam.
8) Policy Brief on Counter Terrorism will be finalized soon by Tariq Parvez.
9) A meeting will be held with UNODC CSU on Monday 3 October 2022 to discuss follow-up issues on UNTOC Pilot Initiative.
10) A meeting will be held next week with NC NACTA and his team to discuss new initiatives related to CT NAP, CVE and Victims Issues.