The 37th meeting of NIOC’s Advisory Board was held online on Monday 21 November 2022 at 2 pm. The following AB Members attended: Tariq Parvez, Zahid Hussain, Zubair Habib and Jawaid Akhtar. Samina Ahmed could not participate due to another pressing commitment.

NIOC directorate was represented by the following: Tariq Khosa, Director; Sarmad Saeed: Deputy Director; Hassan Sardar, Manager Administration, and Consultants Ammar Jaffri and Nawaz Nadeem.

The matters came under discussion:

1) Director NIOC infomed that Dr Manzoor Ahmed, former member of the Advisory Board, had agreed to rejoin the AB. His return was warmly welcomed by other board members and NIOC directorate staff.
2) Director NIOC gave the progress of the UNTOC Review Process. A report on behalf of the Civil Society Alliance about implementation of UNTOC articles under review will be released during the last week of December 2022.
3) Two issue Papers on Organized Crime and Human Rights will be released in December 2022.
4) An Issue Paper on Organized Crime in Pakistan with Perspective of Global OC Index 2021 will be published soon by Mr Tariq Parvez, President NIOC AB.
5) A Policy Brief on Internal Security and Counter Terrorism will be released in December 2022.
6) A work plan for 2023 for supporting Pakistan UNTOC Review Mechanism will also be finalised in December 2022.
7) NIOC Policy Paper on Police Reforms, released in November 2022 was received well and will be conveyed to the Law and Justice Commission under the Supreme Court of Pakistan.