The 39th Meeting of NIOC Advisory Board was held virtually on Friday 27 January 2023 at 3 pm. The following AB members participated: Tariq Parvez, Zahid Hussain, Samina Ahmed, Manzoor Ahmed and Jawaid Akhtar. Zubair Habib could not attend as he was travelling. NIOC directorate was represented by Tariq Khosa, Sarmad Saeed, Saroop Ijaz, Ali Nekokara, Nawaz Nadeem, Azam Khan and Hassan Sardar.

The following issues came under discussion:

1) UNTOC review update was presented by Director Khosa. A parallel report on the review process on behalf of Civil Society Alliance (CSA) will be released during February 2023.

2) CGR-NIOC notified a Working Group of Legal Experts on UNTOC and TIP Protocol. It will be convened by Barrister Umar Mahmood Khan of the Center for Human Rights, Lahore.

3) A Working Group of Experts on Transnational Organized Crime will be formed soon. It will be led by Tariq Parvez, President NIOC AB and former DG FIA.

4) A Working Group on Human Rights and Victim’s Perspective will be formed soon. It will be convened by Saroop Ijaz of Human Rights Watch.

5) NIOC released an Issue Paper on Organized Crime in Pakistan on 27 January 2023. It is authored by Consultant Dr Syed Kaleem Imam, former IG Police.

6) A Scoping Study on Drug Smuggling to the UK via courier parcels is being undertaken by CGR-NIOC during February-March, 2023.

7) NIOC will try to create a profile of all the militant and proscribed organizations that are actively involved in the rising spate of militancy in Pakistan. This task will be undertaken in collaboration with NACTA.