Minutes of the NIOC’s 10th AB meeting

he 10th NIOC Advisory Board meeting was held on Friday, 07 August 2020, at 12 pm, virtually through a video link. NIOC President Tariq Parvez could not participate due to some pressing family commitment. Similarly, AB member Fasi Zaka was unwell and could not link up. 

The following AB members, consultants and NIOC directorate staff participated: Zahid Hussain, Samina Ahmed, Zubair Habib, Jawaid Akhtar, Ammar Jaffri, Kashif Noon, Amir Rana, Ali Nekokara, Hassan Sardar.

The meeting highlights are listed below:

  • Director NIOC Tariq Khosa informed the board members that “Advocacy for Police Reforms” roundtables and webinars had been completed in collaboration with the USIP Project. The project team will compile the report.
  • The second draft of the “National Strategy on Organized Crime” was discussed in detail. Consultant Kashif Noon will come up with the third draft in a week’s time and that would be shared with the AB members.
  • Policy brief on “Cybercrime: a new frontier of organized crime” was issued during the first week of August and shared with all the stakeholders after peer review by the FIA.
  • It was decided that instead of roundtables and webinars consisting of a number of panelists, NIOC would undertake interviews on relevant topics with professionals. Director Tariq Khosa, AB member Samina Ahmed and Secretary NIOC Amir Rana will conduct virtual interviews during August and September this year.
  • Kashif Noon shared the first chapter on “Uzair Baloch: OC Don of Karachi” and shared the outline of five chapters to be written by him. This would be an important case study of the nexus of organized crime with politics.
  • Director NIOC would explore further how to engage with and establish a national network of experts dealing with OC.
  • Ammar Jaffri will organize first engagement with the community and NGOs to sensitize them about the threats of OC to the society at large.